20 Facts About Left-handed People

18th Feb,2017 208

Left-handers are considered pretty unique. Being a leftie can have its perks as well as some setbacks. Here are some pretty interesting facts about the Southpaws!


#1 Left-handed people make up for 5-10% of the population.


#2 Left-handers tend to get scared very easily since the right side of the brain is dominant in them, which controls fear. They have a hard time recovering from the fear after watching something scary.


#3 They have great visual and artistic skills. They are likely to excel at music, dance and other forms of creative talents.


#4 Lefties are more prone to serious health illness. Migraines, insomnia and psychological problems are more common.


#5 August 13th is a day that is dedicated to them. It is observed as the International Left-Hander’s Day.


#6 Mothers above 40 are more likely to give birth to babies who are left-handed.


#7 Increased levels of testosterone in the womb may cause left-handedness.


#8 One of the siblings is likely to be left-handed out of the twins.


#9 Left-handed people are usually high on temper.


#10 They have a more balanced body and hence, they are stronger physically.


#11 Lefties have very high IQs.


#12 They are more likely to be prone to alcoholism, dyslexia and schizophrenia.


#13 Can’t say if it’s a good or bad thing but they tend to reach puberty 4-5 months later than the right-handed people.


#14 In ancient times, left-handedness was seen as a mark of the devil and considered a nasty habit.


#15 Studies show that people who have autism are more likely to be left-handed.


#16 People who are left-handed face difficulty while drawing figures that face to the left.


#17 Premature babies are more likely to become left-handed.


#18 When placed on their tummies, left-handed babies tend to turn to their left.


#19 Left-handed people are prone to allergies and asthma more than the right-handed people.


#20 Many bright minds and successful people were lefties. Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Barack Obama; so was Osama Bin Laden. You name them!


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