Extremely Amusing April Fools' Day Pranks And Practical Jokes

31st Mar,2017 410

Everyone likes to get in on the ‘pranking’ fun when it’s April Fools’ Day. It’s amazing how the silly pranks bring out the smiles on the faces of the pranksters as well as the victims. If you are in need of some inspiration, then take a look at this compilation of some of the best and coolest practical jokes and pranks.


#1 Air freshener replaced with shrimp scent.

via CollegeHumor


#2 Oreo filled with toothpaste.

via CBC


#3 Changed restroom sign.

via Pinterest


#4 Frozen cereal for breakfast.

via Kids Activities Blog


#5 Fake candy apples with onions.

via BoredPanda


#6 Air horn under the seat.

via Imgur


#7 Trolling with the mouse.

via Imgur


#8 Disguised as a car seat.

via Imgur


#9 Donuts filled with mayonnaise.

via Imgur


#10 Portable milk splatter.

via Instructables


#11 Fake juice made with jell-o.

via BuzzFeed


#12 Donut box with veggies.

via Brit + Co


#13 Bowl of jell-o worms.

via Instructables


#14 Fake dollar in a book.

via Funny Junk


Watch out your back this weekend, it’s April Fools’ Day after all!


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